Sunday, 23 October 2016

Energy- It's Screaming


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Energy, it is everywhere in everyone. Our planet earth is revolving around a brightest star of our galaxy called "Sun". With a cyclic pattern that will continue for many coming years. But to imagine earth after 100 years from now, it seems quite hot and increasing it by further 100 years it will become hotter and add 100 more to it then it is going to be hottest. But this is not due to its ageing like humans do, i.e. To take birth, spent some time on earth and then finally coming on to the stage where we get die. It is applicable for our planet too, but it has lifespan so much greater that our millions or say billions of our generations can come over to it and live as much as we are living currently. But one fact that worries me and those who are thinking continuously for our planet is that it is going hot with every revolution that it is completing around sun every year. Earth is full of resources and these resources are benefiting the human civilization right after they discovered it. But dependence does not mean that you own that thing which planet is giving to you, it is the rule of give and take which has to be followed. We have to give something to our planet too. So that it remains happy. And keep us happy too.

Continuous use of thermal resources to generate electricity or power is increasing the CO2 levels, and it is just like wearing a thermal blanket on earth. that we use to do in winter. But Contrastingly it is not good for our earth. The heat which humans are emitting is reflecting back by this CO2 blanket and it is heating up our atmosphere continuously. These are worrying signs, we are considering our goals of energy requirement as an individual countries but we have to think beyond this we have to think in one manner as we all are living on same planet. It is responsibility of every country to limit the use of thermal resources and instead of it to use alternative resources. And without just making them supplementing to current thermal energy generation. But to make them permanent alternative to eliminate the use of thermal resources is necessary now.

One of alternative is Solar energy. Abundance of regions on earth are getting fair amount of sunlight, So we can use this source in making energy . Except of poles which get minimum effect of sun's energy. It is everywhere. In countries like China, USA and India, it can be a revolution. If they start to bring this solar energy generation projects on ground. And will try to eliminate dependence on thermal resources. So that whole of earth will follow them in making our earth a more comfortable planet for our future generations. And it also keep our planet healthy for many upcoming years.

Many countries are drilling oceans to find oils and these are operations which are responsible for increasing the carbon dioxide generation. This source cannot be eliminate immediately, but if whole planet as a single unit will initiate a step toward bringing renewable energy as prime source. It can  be a bright future for our upcoming generations, otherwise they have to live in ever growing warming conditions. For these not to happen we have to start using them from now and our small steps in using these renewable alternatives can bring a big change for our planet.


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